Winter Sports Conditions

Winter Sports Update on Attendance and Broadcasting

During the month of December, the Park River Area School and most Region 2 schools will only be allowing home fans up to a limit of 50 to attend home BBB and GBB games.  This will be limited to the family of competitors as each competitor will only be allowed 2 tickets for each Park River/Fordville-Lankin home date/contest.  Anyone attending must present their ticket to purchase entrance to the game.  If they do not have a ticket they will not be allowed entrance to the game.  Attendance policies will be revisited by Region 2 schools after Christmas.

Ticket prices will be $3.00 for junior high games and $7.00 for high school games.  Parents are encouraged to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the start time of their child’s game and leave after their child is done playing. Parents will be allowed to stay for the next game at their child’s level (junior high parents can watch both junior high games or high school parents can watch multiple high school games).   Fans will be required to wear masks at all times while in the building.  We also ask that family groups make efforts to social distance while seated in the bleachers.  At this time, we will not be serving concessions at our home BBB or GBB games.

The Park River Area School will be broadcasting all sub-varsity and varsity BBB and GBB games that are played in the Park River High School Gym on the NFHS Network.  These games will be free for viewing as the school has purchased a license to broadcast these games.   We will have a link on our website ( which fans from across the country can access to watch these games.  These games will also be broadcast on our local Aggie Vision Channel on Polar Cable television when possible.  Sub-varsity games played in the Park River Elementary Gym will either be aired on the Aggie Vision Channel or be posted on our Aggie Vision YouTube Channel when possible.

An NFHS Network account (  is needed to access games on the NFHS Network.  Once you have created your account, you can “follow” Park River High School, and you will be provided with a list of all of our upcoming games played on the NFHS Network – both home and away.  Most of our games on the NFHS Network will also be recorded so they can be watched “on demand” in the future as well.  One thing to note with the game times listed on the NFHS Network is that all games are listed as Eastern Standard Time (EST) start times so you will want to make sure you use the corresponding Central Standard Time (CST) times for live viewing.  Schools in Region 2 also have plans for providing free live streaming of games on whatever platform their school uses.  Information for these games will be shared on our website on a weekly basis.

We realize that watching the Aggies play their games in person is preferred, but we hope that with these new viewing options Aggie fans can still enjoy their favorite teams’ games during this unprecedented time.  Please check our school website for any changes to event guidelines as well as schedule changes as we go through the winter months.