From Superintendent O’Brien

We are very pleased with the history and reputation of the Fordville-Lankin Public School District. The Fordville Public school and the Lankin Public School became one in 2006. Both the high school and elementary schools are under one roof in the town of Fordville, North Dakota.

Our school provides an outstanding friendly environment for the students and staff alike. The Fordville-Lankin school has a wonderful rural atmosphere. We provide many educational opportunities for our students. We have an ITV television system that can bring in courses such as Art, Spanish, and Health Careers. The school also has a separate ITV unit in its “old shop” room that carries a TV signal to our virtual welding class. We also have a Vocational Agriculture class and business classes so our students have the opportunity of getting their career and technical or academic grant through the state. Fordville-Lankin Public School has been very successful in its sports programs too.

Students of our district seem to enjoy the smaller class sizes and the services that are provided. As the ratio of student to teacher is very reasonable, the student can get the extra help they may need from time to time. Our after school program has been very successful. Students here build friendships that last a lifetime.

The highly qualified teaching professionals of Fordville-Lankin are truly an outstanding and dedicated group. All the teaching staff at Fordville-Lankin are highly qualified individuals. Many have chosen to stay at this school district throughout their careers because of the impact they have made and continue to make in the small classroom setting. They enjoy what they do for a living and it shows in the students’ lives they touch. There is a strong mix of veteran staff and staff who have recently made Fordville-Lankin their home. Many staff members have chosen to continue their education each summer in order to broaden their teaching skills.

The Vision of the Fordville-Lankin Public School District is as Follows: “The vision of Fordville-Lankin School District is to educate all students to allow them to develop to their full potential. We strive for academic success for every student in a supportive, safe, and comfortable environment.”  Many of our students take on far more classes than required to get set for further education.  Dual credit is available so students can get credit in school and also for college/university credits.

The Mission of the Fordville-Lankin Public School is “Our school is committed to educating our students to make appropriate choices and become lifelong learners.” Most of our students go on to higher levels of learning, military service or continue the farming/ranching tradition at home.

Teachers, administrators, parents, and the community all share the responsibility for helping students learn in our changing world. In summation, Fordville-Lankin Public School District is a great place for your child to grow and learn in a unique and special environment. Please feel free to stop by anytime for a visit. You are always welcome at the Fordville-Lankin School!