Monday Night Football Tickets

Thank you to everyone for buying a Monday Night Football book. The money goes to the sports and fine arts programs.

Winner for Week 1- Marla Stevens

Winner for Week 2- Sydney Beneda

Winner for Week 3- Mr. O’Brien

Winner for Week 4- Norlynn Norsby

Winner for Week 5- TJ Siverson

Winner for Week 6- Lola Hagen

Winner for Week 7- Arlen Dolney

Winner for Week 8- Morgan Smestad

Winner for Week 9- Jimmy Hejlik

Winner for Week 10- Mandy Hagen

After School Program

Monday, Sept. 13th, 2021. Fordville-Lankin After School Program will be starting for students in grades 1st through 6th. The program runs from 3:30 to 4:30 with students needing to be picked up at that time.



The students have a QR code on a piece of paper, this code will give a preview of what the pictures will look like. Ordering and paying are done with this code also. Please ask your child for this information. This is different from the past as we do not take any money at the school. Jacobson Studio